This feature is available on the testnet, but does not yet exist on the mainnet.

What is the Derivatives?

UnUniFi’s Derivatives dApp enables users to engage in innovative DeFi trading opportunities, while remaining integrated into the NFT ecosystem. Users can engage in derivatives trading, opening up opportunities for hedging, speculation, and risk management all from the same dashboard where NFT backed loans are serviced (users can even trade using assets issued from NFT loans). Created via an improved GMX model, the LP is stabilized, making it so that liquidity providers are less likely to lose money and larger positions can be serviced. Furthermore, users can utilize price index perps of NFTs or make positions of perps NFTs to use for NFT Backed Loans, further integrating the NFT & DeFi experience.

Perpetual Futures

The perpetual futures trading is a financial instrument used for long-term trading of assets without delivery. The model of Perpetual Futures follows GMX perpetual futures model. (ref:
Briefly saying, the tradings on the perpetual futures market are supported by a unique multi-asset pool that earns liquidity prodicers fees from market making, swap fees and leverage trading. Because pool asset will take the counter part of the arbitral trade by a user, users can trade with high leverage and no slippage to the price from oracle with low fee.
For more information of the perpetual future trading, visit Perpetual Future page.

Perpetual Options

This feature is not available now. Please wait the update in the future.
The perpetual options trading is a type of options contract that does not have an expiry date.

Liquidity Pool

In UnUniFi protocol, the liquidity pool is a pool of tokens used as a source of liquidity for traders. Enables trading without the need for buyers and sellers to find counterparts.
Deposits and withdrawals to and from the Pool are managed through DLP tokens. By depositing tokens into the pool, you can obtain DLP. Fees from derivatives such as Perpetual-Futures are accumulated in the pool, and by selling DLP and converting it to tokens, you can get a portion of these fees.
For more information of the liquidity pool, visit Liquidity pool page.