Interchain Yield Aggregator

This feature is available on the testnet, but does not yet exist on the mainnet.

What is the Yield Aggregator?

UnUniFi’s Interchain Yield Aggregator dApp enables users to maximize their returns by automatically routing their capital to various DeFi protocols and optimized yield generation strategies (Auto DeFi Yield). Users can elect to use their own assets or even use assets issued from NFT loans and deposit their funds to the Vault, and then the funds earn yield automatically.. By seamlessly integrating with third-party protocols, UnUniFi empowers users to capitalize on diverse DeFi opportunities and foster cross-chain interoperability through unlimited third-party Strategy creation. Developers will be able to earn commissions for their strategies, incentivizing competitive strategy development on UnUniFi while increasing the number of strategies available to the user.

What is the Vault?

  • One token many Vaults There can be multiple vaults for a single token. You can choose the Vault that best suits your preferences and manage your assets.
  • Users can create Vaults Users can create Vaults without governance. However, it needs a fee and deposit. The fee is to prevent spam and the deposit is to provide an incentive to remove unnecessary vaults.
    The vault creator can configure the commission rate. It makes the vault creation competitive and creates an incentive for creation.
  • One Vault has a combination of many strategies The Vault can be created by combining the strategies described below. You can create a Vault by selecting the strategies to be used and their weights. The strategy weights cannot be changed. If you want to change the weights, abolish the vault and let them go to another vault of the same token.
In the future, UnUniFi will support the automatic rebalancing of allocation weight for strategies. This plan is under construction. In the current plan, validators will execute the script in IPFS that is designated by the vault creator, and validators will rebalance the allocation weight for strategies, following the result of the script. The result of the script will be processed by retrieving mean value of the result of the script from all validators. It is similar to oracle.
Non developers can create a vault easily by using the web app, and earn fees!

What is the Strategy?

Strategies are methods of how the tokens will be managed to earn a yield. Users can add available strategies through governance with proposals. Strategies can be developed using the CosmWasm smart contract.
For development of a strategy, visit Strategy reference page.