NFT Backed Loan

This feature is available on the testnet, but not activated yet on the mainnet.

What is the nftbackedloan module?

UnUniFi’s NFT Backed Loans module allows users to collateralize their NFT assets to access liquidity, while delivering fast, efficient, cross-chain matching between lenders and borrowers. UnUniFi’s unique lending model provides advantages such as low transaction fees, competitive valuations, and support for any NFT. Cross-chain matching also enables liquidity aggregation across chains. Lastly, UnUniFi’s oracle-free valuation mechanism protects retail users against price manipulation and provides valuations with respect to rarity, all based on real-time demand data. This mechanism creates a reliable and scalable NFT valuation service not just for retail users but also for institutional users as well.
To know how to list and borrow, see here.
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