About UnUniFi

Aggregating the best DeFi + CeFi yield strategies for asset management for all investors

What is UnUniFi?

Asset management platform that allows for the efficient operation of on-chain assets across other blockchains. The best yield generating strategies are aggregated cross-chain through integrations with many DeFi protocols and CeFi services. Professionally operated and custodied strategies are compliant for Institutional and Accredited Investors. One stop solution enabling individuals, DAOs, funds, and other protocols to earn yield against many opportunities, including DeFi, RWAs, Collateralized Assets, and more.
For a moment, UnUniFi will focus on expanding the strategies for asset management. In the future, NFT backed loan and derivatives will be added to the UnUniFi ecosystem, as a part of the asset management.
To see the detail of NFT backed loan, visit this Medium article.